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Gestli is a platform for online communication with your guests in the service sector. Feedback, communication via QR code, online shop.


Where did it start
Gestli Platform

For more than 6 years, our team has been engaged in digitalization in the service sector. Our first task was a feedback collection system for a restaurant chain, with a further analysis of the quality of work of a particular location. A little later, we added the functions of instant communication between the visitor and the restaurant manager. Call a waiter, or ask for an invoice, or place an order without a waiter. All this with the help of a clear interface that is accessible to the client through a QR code. That was the beginning of the Getsli service.


What allows you to do
Gestlі Platform



Create a branded Feedback form and collect reviews

GMB Integration

Import locations and reviews from Google My Business


You can use your own background and corporate colors.

Summary Analytics

Summary analytics for reviews and dashboards by location

Online Shop

Simple and convenient catalog and checkout, available to customers by QR code

QR Communication

Call a waiter or ask for a bill or request a room cleaning. One QR code, one click


As simple as possible For your customers

It is as simple as possible for your customers, you just need a smartphone camera, scan the QR code and select the action
Our system generates a QR code that you can place at points of contact with your customers. It could be your package, front door or check. It’s enough for the client to pick up a smartphone and point the camera at the QR code. A client opens a web application in the browser in which some actions will be available.
In the admin panel, you can get a QR code for a company or location. Depending on this, the client will open a web application with a specific action. For example, if you placed a QR code on a location, the client will be able to leave feedback on this location. If you place a QR code on the company, then the client will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the list of services and leave a review.
The client sends data via the web application, thanks to his smartphone. The company manager receives this notification in the telegram bot and quickly responds to it.
Клиент доволен, что менеджер компании быстро отреагировал на его обращение. Менеджер доволен, так как клиент получил приятный опыт.

What kind of businesses
is Gestli suitable for


Cafes and restaurants

Call a waiter, pre-order or leave a review through the QR code.



Call cleaning in the room, order food through or evaluate the service through a QR code.



Running an online storefront or managing your reviews is easy with Gestli


Beauty Salons

Online customer record, quality assessment and product display


Medical centers

Online payment for services and feedback from visitors


Sports clubs

Online payment for services and customer feedback


Why are we cooler than everyone else


Anyone can register on their own and start working right now


You can forget your corporate identity for your feedback form. Choose a background, logo, and corporate color

Integration with Google My Business

With one button, you can import existing locations and upload reviews

All in one place

Convenient dashboards to analyze data for your locations.

Feel our benefits right now


Answers on questions

What is the service for and what is the cost of use

Why do I need your service?

Through the service, you can create a feedback form, connect your locations from Google My Business and launch an online storefront with your goods. The first month is free.

What is the cost of the service?

We have a flexible tariff, which is formed based on the required functions. Write to us what task you have, and we will prepare for you a calculation of your personal tariff.

How to register?

To register, go to https://panel.gest.li/hello/register. First enter your contact details, then fill out the company profile. During the creation of the company, you will have the opportunity to choose a corporate color and background, as well as upload your logo

What do we plan to add?

We strive to create the perfect service for the service industry. In the future, the introduction of a loyalty program, maintaining a customer base, the generation of mobile applications, integration with popular POS systems. If you have any suggestions, please contact [email protected]
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